Summer Assignments

AP Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio, Ms. King
Summer Assignments
Art is about the way things look and what they mean. It is about issues and ideas, but also about feelings and appearances. AP Studio Art is a creative laboratory in which we can explore with our eyes, our hearts, and our minds. Through art we can come to better understand the world, ourselves, and our place in the world. Art can even help shape the world.

​The main goal of AP Studio Art is to create a portfolio of 24 pieces of art, which is due the end of April. That’s 12 pieces BEFORE winter vacation! So, you will need to begin the process of creating over the summer by creating 3 pieces of art. These assignments are absolutely required. Everything is due on the second class period of the fall semester and count as your 1st 5 grades. You may drop off drawings in my room in the morning.

​Summer Assignments:
1st Get Online!
Explore my AP Art Website
Go to:
Go through the Breadth Section including each page for the Breadth Assignments (Portraits, Perspective, Social Issues, Skeleton, Foreshortening, etc.). Also explore the Concentration Section pages including “Some Portrait Concentrations, Some Other Concentrations, etc.

Join the Mt. Eden AP Studio Art group on Facebook.
This group will allow you to easily communicate with me and with other incoming students in AP, as well as all those who came before you. Their advice will be invaluable to you. Trust them, they know what they’re talking about! You can share photos of your summer assignments and get valuable feedback before you turn it in for a grade in August. If you don’t have a facebook account or don’t want to join the group, GET EVERY VARSITY AP STUDENT’S EMAIL ADDRESS BEFORE THE END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR!

Explore the College Board AP Art Website
Go to:
From the home page, go to:
AP Courses and Exams, then to: Course Home Pages, then to: AP Studio Art: Drawing or 2-D Design, then to: AP Studio Art Portfolio Page. Explore this page, look at samples of student work from previous years in each of the portfolio sections; Quality, Concentration, and Breadth. Specifically look at the various Concentration portfolios that students have done. Select one of these portfolios that you find particularly interesting and print the images off. Be prepared to explain your selection with the class upon your return to school.

2nd Go shopping!
Get Art Supplies
• Go to an art supply store and purchase the suggested materials on the supplies list below. Experiment with the suggested supplies and any other supplies you have. Keep your failures as well as successes. Don’t throw anything away! You’ll need these supplies to complete the summer assignments.
• An Art Bin (like a fishing tackle box) or other container to organize and transport art supplies
•A Small Sketchbook
• A set of Prismacolor colored pencils (12 minimum recommended)
• Charcoal pencils of varying hardness as well as Vine and compressed charcoal
• Erasers — kneaded, & “Magic Rub”
• Oil Pastels
• X-acto blade
• Masking tape (blue is best!)
• Paint set (acrylic, gouache or watercolor tube set) & brushes
• Other supplies based on student’s choice

3rd Brainstorm! (visually…)
Sketchbook/Journal Pages
• 10 or more pages
• Fill up and develop each page in any manner you would like
• Cut, tear, paste, write, draw, paint, weave, collage, use multiple media
Record, anything to create interesting ideas on each page

4th Go look at some ART!
Gallery or Art Exhibition Review
Explore one or more galleries/exhibitions and share your thoughts
Address these areas:
Name, title, location, general information
Describe, react & share your overall experience; reflect on the overall body of work shown
Discuss 3 or more specific pieces that affected you both positively or negatively
Include printed images/text as well as your own descriptive drawings/writing of the gallery/exhibition
Use as many pages as needed in your sketchbook/journal

5th Make some ART!
Complete 3 Developed Drawings
Go to the Breadth page of my AP website and go through ALL of the different Breadth assignments. Click on the links on the left side of the page: Silverware Breadth, Room with a View, Drapery Fabric Study, Skeleton, Still Life, Figure Study, Cross Contour, Hands, Abstraction, Portraits, Foreshortening, Social Issues, Fauve Tree.
From all these options, choose THREE to do as your summer assignments. Be sure to look at all of the images AND read the instructions. Each artworks need to show a at least of 8-10 hours of work to receive a passing grade.
​Artwork Requirements:
•Utilize and fill up the space within all drawings but be sure to leave a ½” border on all four sides
•Drawings should be well developed, show good composition and reflect thoughtful planning.
•Each artwork needs to show a at least of 8-10 hours of work to receive a passing grade.
•All must be no smaller than 9”x12” and no larger than 18”x24” paper
*Do not mix different medias together in one piece. Next year I will show you how to mix different medias together successfully. You just need to learn which ones mix well first!
*You may NOT borrow my art supplies over the summer. See the list for supplies you’ll need to get. I will, however, give you some paper and loan you a drawing board.
* You may NOT use art you’ve made in another class- these must be NEW pieces!!!!

5th Get some FEEDBACK!
By August 1st, share your work on Facebook or in emails to Varsity & Me!
You need to post photos of each of your pieces OR email at least 3 AP varsity students (& cc me: by 8/1. I don’t expect the pieces to be finished, but rather in progress and AT LEAST 50% complete. The best time to ask for help, is before it’s finished. **I recommend that you utilize the AP facebook page, rather than email, to communicate with me and the AP alumni & varsity.


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