Click below to see the AP Studio Art calendar of events for the school year. It includes each assignment, it’s due date, critique, & check-in, as well as every other important date for the our class this year!

Basically it’s the same schedule each week:

Monday: ART is DUE & SLIDE SHOW, meaning you’ll put up your work at the BEGINNING of the period with a rubric. Then, I’ll show you a slide show with the NEW breadth assignment. *note: if there’s ever a week where there’s no school on Monday, you’ll turn your work in on Tuesday. After I grade your work it’ll need stay up on the wall until Thursday afternoon.

Tues & Wed: STUDIO TIME- make something beautiful, thought provoking or better yet, both…

Thursday: CHECK-IN, meaning I “check-in” with each of you to see how your work is progressing and if you’ll be ready for critique (which is on the following day). 10 points possible. Work must be at least 50% complete for all 10 points.

Friday: We will have a class CRITIQUE, meaning everyone will put their work up and we discuss what’s working and what still needs work before it gets turned it in on Monday. Do NOT miss a critique. Ever. For real… If you’re not there, I will expect your work to be brought to school by someone, or I will NOT grade it on Monday. Period. Critique is worth 50 possible points (25 points for the work being at least 80% complete & 25 points for participation).

*FYI: Those of you following along may notice some changes to the order of the breadth assignments on the calendar. I’ve recently rearranged some of the breadth assignments due to testing at school. Sorry for any confusion that this may cause!


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