Artsy Videos

Ink In Motion

My mantra: Finished Not Perfect by Jake Parker:

“The Colors of Feelings” is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. It is also an analogy of feelings such as anger, love, sadness and joy; they mix and eventually ease.

The visual compositions have been created out of paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon.

Campaign video for The Campaign for Drawing. A national arts education charity which champions the importance of drawing. Drawing is a fundamental tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. From the people behind The World’s Biggest Drawing Festival – The Big Draw.

 The making of “Hero,” a drawing of my dad composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots.

Realism Challenge #3: Playing Card


“My Favorite Artistic Advice” Tales Of Mere Existence:

Fleet Foxes – “Mykonos” Going West: Steriogram – “Walkie Talkie Man”

Ira Glass, Too true for CG:

Grizzly Bear – “Ready, Able” Gulp. The world’s largest stop-motion animation set shot on a Nokia N8. White Stripes – “Fell In Love with a Girl” (2002) Oren Lavie – “Her Morning Elegance” Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks – “Baby C’mon” We Have Band – “You Came Out”


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