It’s due when? The FAST pace of AP Art.

How to Survive AP Studio Art


Listen well. It’s not from our school, but AP Studio Art requires the same portfolio from everyone, everywhere. (AP II is similar to our Varsity)

Your AP portfolio must include 24 pieces of art – 12 Breadth (assignments) + 12 Concentration (your series). You will submit your completed portfolio in early May, but it will have to be complete by early April so you can crop, resize and edit your images before you upload them to the AP website.

This is a lot of work and we’re on a tight schedule since we start school much later in the fall than most other schools in other states. Therefore, you’ll need to create about one piece every 2 weeks. However, you’ll always work on 2 pieces at the same time so we can stagger the due dates and only have one due each week.  It sounds confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it quickly! Here’s the calendar with the due dates, critiques & check-in’s.



Here’s a link with GREAT tips on how to speed up your process:

(I’m updating the calendar and will add it soon!)

This fast pace may sound scary since you’re used to having unlimited time on projects, but please trust me here, you get used to it by about the 3rd assignment. You get good at being fast when you stop thinking that every piece is precious. You’ll make more, lots more!!! Don’t be afraid to screw it up, but please DON’T START OVER! Put in the hours needed to create and leave yourself enough time to FIX what needs fixing, but don’t…start…over…SERIOUSLY.

Heed these words of wisdom from Mt. Eden’s own “Varsity” AP Students: AP Art alumni wisdom


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