2017 AP Senior Show

AP Studio Art Senior Show at MEGA!

2 Receptions on Thursday, March 23:  2:30 – 4pm & 6:30 – 8pm

2017 AP ShowMEGA is proud to present the finest work from seniors in AP Studio: Drawing & AP Studio: 3D Design. In honor of this special show, we will have two opening receptions on Thursday, March 23rd. The first from 2:30-4pm and again from 6:30-8pm during Open House/ 8th grade Parent Night. If you miss the opening receptions, the work will remain on display through April 19th. Feel free to stop by to check out the show any day at lunch or Thursdays until 5pm.


The 2016 AP Studio Art Senior Show!

2016 AP show

MEGA, the Mt. Eden Gallery of Art, is proud to present the finest work from seniors in AP Studio: Drawing & AP Studio: 3D Design. This show features work from our top artists and it’s the only opportunity they’ll have to show their best pieces before they get mailed in their AP portfolio. We hope you can join us to celebrate their outstanding artistic achievements!

The opening reception will be on Thursday, March 17th from 2:30 – 5:00pm.If you miss the opening reception, the work will remain on display through April 15th. Feel free to stop by to check out the show any day at lunch or Thursday’ until 5pm.

About the images on this site

Mt. Eden AP Studio Art: Drawing

While the vast majority of the images on this website are from my own AP Studio Art students, I have also included some work from master artists, as well as images from AP Central, the College Board website. I have attempted to separate them within each page.  I’m a high school teacher and this website is for educational purposes. I’m not selling anything nor do I claim to own any of the work on the site.

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The 2014 AP Scores!!!!

87ec862b00b9e6e2fe9516abd9e47929Out of eight students submitting drawing portfolios this year, SIX out of the eight kids got a 5!!!!!! OMG! Six 5’s?!?!?! This is amazing, really. THEY are amazing! We also got one 4 & one 3 and I’m elated that everyone passed. But I’m blown away by these scores… wow.

CONGRATULATIONS Lissette, Celena, Jessica, Kristia, Emily & Austin on your FIVES!!!!! I don’t usually post student scores but wow… just wow. Average score 4.625. *Mic drop*

Sherlockians, 2014

To anyone in my classroom, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with BBC’s Sherlock (NOT to be confused with Elementary) and I adore all things having to do with Sherlock and well, really anything remotely Benedict Cumberbatch related.  If you haven’t seen the show, each episode is like a stand alone movie at 90 minutes.

This year, many of my AP students joined the fandom and made some really amazing sherlock related art!

I’ve made some of my own Sherlock inspired art, mostly as demo’s for my Art 1 & Advanced Art student’s assignments.

In January, 2014 we were blessed with the 3rd season, all three episodes. It had been two years since the series 2 finale so, naturally, I had a Sherlock Party. Sherlock inviteI’m not a psychopath! I’m a high-functioning fangirl. Do your research!